Maison Maes becomes Butterfly Mark certified

The "Butterfly Mark" certification awarded today to Maison Maes by Positive Luxury recognizes the House's founding commitment to make fashion more responsible and environmentally friendly.

Maison Maes is proud to receive this certification and to see its commitment recognized by its peers. This certification, obtained after a thorough assessment process, guarantees consumers the veracity of the brand's commitments and the eco-responsibility of its products.

Beyond this pride, which in reality only lasts a moment, obtaining the "Butterfly Mark" strengthens the determination of the founders, Géraldine and Romain, to continue to work for a fairer, more accountable and more transparent fashion industry.

"For Géraldine and me, as Millennials, giving a committed dimension to Maison Maes and caring about our impact was obvious, something natural. From the beginning, we quickly realized that we would go faster and further by being part of a community of brands that shared our vision and were committed to action. We want to bring more transparency to fashion. We want consumers to be able to see brands for what they are and more importantly what they really do. This is why the Butterfly Mark is very important to us. - Romain Boubert, co-founder of Maison Maes.

Since 2011, Positive Luxury has been helping brands and companies to quickly adapt to sustainability and responsibility stakes. Thanks to its "ESG+" methodological approach and the "Butterfly Mark" certification, it helps brands to develop and gain maturity on all dimensions of social and environmental responsibility.

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