Full transparency

Transform leather goods and rewrite the story behind them in an innovative and responsible way, this is the mission Maison Maes has set itself. All the choices we make are guided by this ambition and our products are the best expression of it. Since the beginning, we have also set ourselves a goal of transparency: to provide our customers with accurate, useful and comparable information. We do this by communicating in detail about the materials and components with which we make our bags and small leather goods, or also by presenting the partners with whom we work to develop and produce them.

Today we are proud to go even further and to be the first luxury leather goods brand to communicate the carbon footprint of its products.

Maison Maes has teamed up with Carbonfact, a French startup company which, like us, wants to give consumers the right decision-making tools to make fashion more responsible. Carbonfact has carried out a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on our products, based on the information that we have communicated on our materials and components and the databases of current emission factors, following the methodological recommendations of the PEFCR ( Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules, European “Apparel and Footwear” category. They then compared the LCA results of a comparable product representative of the industry average.

The results of these analyzes are now available on the Maison Maes website, for each bag and small leather goods, in order to allow everyone to know in detail the carbon footprint of each piece and to compare it with the average of our industry. These analyzes will be periodically updated to take into account the latest available data and above all the ever more responsible choices that we will make in the materials and components used to make our models.

We are happy to make this information available to everyone and we also encourage all brands to join our approach and communicate the carbon impact of their products as of today. By adhering to this approach, all the actors of our value chain (houses, brands, manufacturers, etc.) will also contribute to making it more precise by enriching the databases, allowing us all to improve our understanding of the impacts and our decision-making process.

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All our handbags and small leather goods are handcrafted in France by renowned artisans.

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The carbon footprint of our handbags and small leather goods is 3-times lower than traditional leather goods.

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Our handbags are designed to withstand the test of time. However, we provide any necessary repair, without any limit in time.

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