Sac à main M1_06 camel vu de profil ouvert - MAES Paris, Haute Maroquinerie innovante & responsable [color:camel]

Care instructions

Taking care of your handbag or small leather good in M_MAT_mycelium or in M_MAT_cactus is very simple. It does not require to be nourished with some products like leather. You can just clean it with a soft cloth moistened with clear water.

When you are not using your handbag, we suggest that you pad it with tissue paper to preserve its shape and store it in its protective pouch to protect it from light and humidity.

We recommend avoiding any contact with greasy substances (cosmetics, sunscreens, etc), perfumes or any liquid product. In case of contact with any of these products, dab with a soft, clear cloth to absorb it. In case ofcontact with a strongly coloured liquid, blot as quickly as possible.

We also recommend avoiding prolonged exposure of your product to heat and any source of intense light.

Finally, we recommend preventing your product from entering in contact with any abrasive surface.

For any questions relating to our biomaterials M_MAT_mycelium or M_MAT_cactus and their maintenance, feel free to contact us by mail or whatsapp