General Terms & Conditions of Use of website and Privacy policy

The publisher of the site is MAES SAS, Registered company number RCS Paris 888 528 270, whose registered office is at 24 rue Biot, 75017 Paris, France (hereafter “Maison Maes”).

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Article 1. Access to the site

The General Terms & Conditions of Use, which include Maison Maes’ Privacy Policy, apply to all the information and services proposed by Maison Maes on the website (hereafter “the Site”), without any limitation or reserve.

These terms and conditions, together with the General Terms & Conditions of Sale, set out the legal terms that apply to the use of the website, the purchase of any Maison Maes product from the Site and any service proposed on the Site.

These General Terms & Conditions of Use can be accessed on the Site at any time in their latest version and will prevail on any older version or any other contradictory document. Maison Maes may modify the content of these terms and conditions at any time, as part of the maintenance and update of the Site. If necessary, Maison Maes reserves the right to interrupt access to the Site or to shut it down for an undefined period of time.

Using the Site is subject to these terms and conditions and by using it, any User is agree to be bound by them.

Article 2. Intellectual Property

All of the designs, models, layout, photographs, images, illustrations, texts, music, video, sounds, audio clips, any other elements composing the Site are either the exclusive property by Maison Maes, or subject to the rights of third parties and duly used under license by Maison Maes.

It is strictly prohibited to reproduce, even partially, by any mean, to distribute, to publish, to communicate, to modify, to sell or to create derivative works from any of the Site content.

It is only permitted to download and print content from the Site for a personal and non-commercial use, subject to mentioning the copyright and exclusive rights on any copy.

The trademark “Maison Maes” and any other trademark and logo related to Maison Maes, registered or not, disclosed on the Site, and the domain name “” are the sole and exclusive property of Maison Maes.

Any attempt to reproduce, distribute, communicate, modify or use these trademarks without prior written approval of Maison Maes, for any purpose, is strictly prohibited.

Any user interested in linking the Maison Maes website and other web pages must obtain Maison Maes written approval prior to activating such link. In case of the approval by Maison Maes, this would be free on any retribution and in a non-exclusive manner.

Maison Maes is entitled to object to certain links to its web site in the event that the applicant who intends to activate links to the website has, in the past, adopted unfair commercial or business practices which are not generally adopted or accepted by the market operators, or has made unfair competition activities vis-à-vis Maison Maes or its suppliers, or if Maison Maes fears that such practices or such activities might be adopted by the applicant in the future. In any event, it is forbidden to post deep links (such as deep frames) to the website or to use unauthorised meta-tags without Maison Maes consent.

Article 3. Privacy Policy

For the purpose of fulfilling and delivering orders and also to ensure the best possible experience and performance of the Site, Maison Maes might collect and process personal information from users / clients.

For the purpose or fulfilling an order, personal information from the Client may be shared with Maison Maes suppliers, especially regarding logistics and delivery services. Such suppliers may or may not be in France, in or even outside of the European Union.

The Client / the user of the Site is granted the right to access, modify, correct and remove any personal information on the website., in accordance with French Data Protection Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 entitled "Informatique et Liberté".

To exercise his/her right, the Client must send a request by mail to MAES SAS – Service Client, 24 rue Biot, 75017 Paris.

Any user can subscribe to Maison Maes newsletter to receive periodic information on the brand. At any time, the user can unsubscribe by clicking on the link included at the bottom of any newsletter.

Article 4. Cookies usage

Cookies are small pieces of information sent by a web server to a web browser, which allows the server to uniquely identify the browser on each page. They are used to collect information and store users’ online preferences.

Cookies are essential in order for the Site to function properly and efficiently. They are used to provide services like remembering login details, to offer secured connexion, to collect browsing statistics and improve areas such as navigation, shopping experience and marketing campaigns.

The user can can authorise, block or delete (in whole or in part) cookies through specific functions of the browser software used. For more information on browsing software configuration, the user can consult the website of CNIL (French Data Privacy regulator) :

If some or all of the cookies (technical or functional cookies, even including third party cookies) are disabled, some services or certain functions of the Site might not be available or might not function correctly. The user may also be forced to modify or manually enter certain information or preferences each time when visiting the Site.

Article 4. Limitation of liability

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Maison Maes shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the use of information available from the Site. Users must take all appropriate measures to protect data and software stored on their personal IT equipment against any threat. The connexion to the site is the sole responsibility of the user.

Maison Maes shall not be held responsible for the correctness of the information on the site, in particular in relation with any comment or content that might be posted on the website by a third party.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Maison Maes expressly excludes any condition, warranty and any other term which it might otherwise be responsible for by law (except situations specified in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale) and any responsibility in case of unforeseeable or indirect loss or damage incurred by the user in relation with the Site, any site linked to the Site or any information published on the site, including but not limited to:
Loss of economic activity
Loss of revenue, profit or anticpated savings
Loss of contract or customer
Loss of data
Loss of management or office time
Any other loss or damage, whatever the cause even if said loss of damage result from tort (including negligence), breach of contractual agremment or any other cause, even foreseeable

Maison Maes is solely bound to delivery products meetings the requirements set forth in the present General Terms & Conditions of Sale, General Terms & Condition of Use and Privacy policy. Products are considered to meet the requirements of the contract if the following conditions are met:
products must correspond to the description and display the features presented on the Site
Products must be fit for the purposes for which similar products are produced in general
Products must meet the quality and durability criteria generally admitted for and which can be reasonably expected from the same kind of products.

Article 5. Applicable Law

These General Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed and construed in accordance with French law

Article 6. Contact Maison Maes

For any question relating to the General Terms & conditions of Use of the Site or to the Maison Maes’ Privacy Policy, the user can contact Maison Maes by email at the address